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Natural Skin Care Products

Reset your healing energy and rejuvenate

your body and mind!

Our products contain the finest natural ingredients in the cosmetic industry

Our skin is the bodies largest digestive organ. What we put on our skin we ingest into our bodies.The skin has an innate intelligence and is a very important part of our bodies immune system. When the skin receives the Natural Skin Care nutrition it needs the skin can heal and function beautifully.We specialize in treating Acne and the premature aging of the skin with Natural topical skin nutrition.

Reap the benefits of a Natural Skin Care formula customized for you. This is a great way to reset the bodies healing energy.


  We believe that Natural beauty emerges from a person when they feel great!

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Raw Organic African Shea butter (cold processed) skin cream: 4.0 oz size  $22.00 ea.

Cancer skin care body butter

Mature dry skin formula

Eczema/Psoriasis formula

Stretch mark and skin discoloration formula

Pregnancy belly butter

Baby healthy skin butter

Beautiful legs butter (circulation,spider veins)

Skin protector and moisturizer light for warm weather

Skin protector and moisturizer heavier for colder weather

Dry heel summer feet formula


Acne System:

1.Simply Clean Tea Tree Oil Cleanser (glycerin)

2. Almond Milk Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

3. Get Your Glow Back Turmeric Mask

4.  Red Wine Vinegar Tonic (with pads for application)

5.  Basil Leaf / Witch Hazel Hydrosol Blend

6.  Mandelic Acid 10% Serum (No Alcohol/No Seaweed)

7.   Majik Anti PopUp Blemish Gel

8.  Pre-Emptive Strike Serum

9.  Natural Majik Juniper Berry Hydrosol Gel

10.  Natural Majik Lemon Balm Hydrosol Gel

11.  Camellia Oil  and Perilla Seed Oil Blend

Pre Mature Anti Aging System:

1.    Creamy Cleanser 

2.    Almond Papaya Enzyme Cleanser

3.    Sensitive Cleansing Oil

4.    Yarrow Blossom Hydrosol

5.    Blueberry Hydrating Mist

6.    Eye Majik Cream enhanced w/CoQ-10

7.    Phytoestrogen Cream 

8.  Super Hydrating Hyaluronic Acid Gel

9.  Conditioning Oil Blend

10.  Rose geranium / Carrot Seed Hydrosol Blend


Cancer care facial skincare system:


Soothing Creme Cleanser 4 oz – $14.30

Creamy Cleanser with Matcha Green Tea 4 oz – $15.80


Calendula Blossom Hydrating Mist 4 oz – $14.80


Repair and Recovery Serum 1 oz – $19.20

Calming Cherry Healing Serum 1 oz -$20.90

Hydrating Serum Myrrh Hydrosol Gel 2 oz -$17.05

Frankincense Hydrosol Gel 2 oz – $16.85


Classic Azule Cream 2.5oz – $27.15

Calendula infused facial cream 1oz – $23.45

Body Care

Miracles Day Spa Raw African Organic Shea Body Butter Miracle 4 oz – $22.00

Reset your healing energy and rejuvenate

your body and mind!